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Small copper ringlets which are fitted to each strand of hair by being clamped down. Reasons as to why the micro ring method is popular is because it is reusable and non-shedding so you do not lose volume of your hair through the wear of your hair extensions. Glue isn't used to fit the hair meaning this method is more appealing if you'd rather not have glue attached to your hair. To make micro-rings almost undetectable in your hair and more comfortable we use small copper rings; also extensions fitted via micro-rings will last for about 3-4 months (with the correct care)

Benefits of micro-ring

1)The rings are matched to your hair colour and blend to be less noticeable.

2)There is almost no shedding of your new hair (Hair must be completely dry before brushing or left to dry naturally).

3)They are easy to apply and remove.

4)Not affected by sea salt or chlorine.

5)Easy maintenance.